Living in the Country


Have you just returned from a vacation in the country and want to pack your things, go back and never return to the city again? Or do your memories of childhood in the country make you feel like leaving everything behind and move to that old farmhouse, enjoy the nature and breathe clean air? Living in the country without a doubt sounds appealing but it is highly important to be aware that country life is very different from what you have experienced during a few-day vacation and that the countryside has changed a lot in the last few decades. So before you start packing, you are recommended to take into account both the pros and cons of country life.

First of all, country life depends greatly on where you live because living in the country can mean a lot of things including living in a small village, a market town or an isolated place with the first neighbour living 10 miles away. The latter option sounds very tempting because it gives you all the privacy and peace in the world you could possibly ask for. However, living far from the “civilisation” also means living far from the shops, schools, pharmacies and other things city dwellers take for granted. In addition, living far away from people may eventually make you feel lonely.


Living in a village or market town typically translates into living close by to the groceries, schools, etc. But many people who live in villages and market towns will say that city dwellers have more privacy and they are partly right. In the country, everyone knows everyone and everyone knows everything about everyone. People in the country are friendlier and more open but they are people. This means that they are naturally curious and that they may want to know too much about your personal stuff. But then again, people will only be as intrusive as you allow them to be. As a newcomer, you have the privilege to refuse to talk about things you do not want to without offending anyone. And if you establish a certain distance from the start, people will respect it.

Obviously, you should also consider how you will support your family financially. With the fuel prices raising sky high, driving to work on a daily basis has become a major expense. And by moving to a remote location, you can spend most of your wage on the petrol and car maintenance. If you have the ability to work from home, living in the country can be wonderful although it is important to keep in mind that taking care of the property can take a huge amount of time.

Living in the country offers a number of benefits over city dwelling but it is not as idyllic as many people think it is. You are recommended to take time and think things through before you decide to move to the country and buy an old farmhouse.. Also, keep in mind that you can also buy a small cottage and have a place of your own to retreat when need a break from the city.