Best Places to Live in the UK Countryside


Every place has its own charm and appeal. However, people are very different and the same place that is a dream location for one person may be unimaginable to live in for another. We will therefore take a closer look at top 5 factors to pay attention to when searching for the best places to live in the UK countryside.

Income. What do you plan to do for a living? Will you work from home, start a business such as bed&breakfast or group break in the country for instance or do you plan to commute to the city from Monday to Friday? If your work does not involve commuting, you have the luxury to choose to live where ever you want. But if you plan to continue to work in the city, living in a remote area probably is not the best idea. After all, just think on the time you will waste to get to work and return home, not to mention the amount of money you would need to cover the petroleum costs.

Infrastructure. Living in the country does not mean giving up the comfort of the modern lifestyle. There are not many places in the UK that do not have the basic infrastructure such as water and electricity supply, phone, the Internet, asphalt road, etc. but you should not take it for granted when looking for the perfect place in the countryside, especially if you are looking for isolated places.


Emergency services. Obviously, you do not want to live too far from the doctor’s office if you or your family member has a medical condition. But even if you are as healthy as fish, it is good to know that you will be able to find medical help within a reasonable distance in case of emergency.

Schools, child care. If you have children, it is a good idea to look for places that are not too far away from schools or child care. Home schooling is also an option but just because you like to live far away from people, that does not necessarily mean your children like it too. On the contrary, most children strive for company of their peers.

Social life. If you want to live in the country, you have three options. You can live in a village, market town that has a grocery, doctor, school and other everyday necessities or a remote place that is on the very edge of “civilisation”. Which option is best for you depends on how much social life you need. If you are a self-sufficient person, a remote location will probably work just fine. But if you like to interact with people, living several miles from the first neighbour probably is not the best choice.