Employment Opportunities in the Country


There is not much to do for a living in the country other than growing crops and livestock, right? Wrong! The UK countryside offers more employment opportunities than many people are aware of. Do not believe it? Here are only a few of many things from which it is possible to live quite well even in the most remote areas:

Growing organic fruits and vegetables. Despite the economic crisis, the demand for organic fruits and vegetables has never been greater. And since there are considerably more expensive than conventionally grown food, you do not need to own large fields to make a decent living from organic food production.

Bee-keeping. Bees and bee products can be very lucrative because bees are getting scarcer which pushes the prices of bee products higher and higher. Bees are also sought after by the farmers who grow crops that depend on pollination and pay bee-keepers to bring their beehives to their fields. And as much as stinging is concerned, protective clothing eliminates the risk completely.

Traditional crafts, solid wood furniture and unique teak patio furniture. Products such as wicker baskets, various wood crafts, etc. that have been traditionally produced in the country have largely been replaced by industrially made products that are made from synthetic materials. But they are becoming increasingly sought after again, mainly for decorative purposes although they have a practical value as well.

Restaurants, bars and pubs. Just like urban population, people in the country also like to go out and meet with other people. Restaurants, bars and pubs therefore never run out of business. But it is also true that in most areas, there is enough business only for one restaurant or bar that is typically run by a local family for decades or even centuries.


Tourism-related businesses. The countryside is a popular vacation destination for many urban dwellers who are looking for some peace and relaxation. As a result, bed&breakfasts, animal farms, wineries, “pick-your-own” fruits and vegetables farms, horse riding facilities and similar businesses can be a lucrative investment although rural tourism in the UK tends to be limited to particular locations and particular seasons of the year.

Work-from-home jobs and Internet-based businesses. Thanks to the Internet, a lot of work can be done on a distance. And both the employer and employee benefit from work-from-home jobs. The employer saves a great deal of money on renting/buying offices and gets all the work done anyway, while the employee does not have to waste his/her time and money for commuting to work every day.

As you can see, you do not have to be a farmer to live and make a living in the country. The mentioned employment options are not for everyone and not everyone succeeds also due to the decline of rural population that represents only about one fifth of the total UK population. At the same time, it is often necessary to invest a substantial amount of money without any guarantee that it will ever return. However, the government offers various forms of support including financial stimulations for business plans that help improve the landscape, protect the environment and wildlife, and preserve the rural character of the countryside.